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Table 2 Comparison of preoperative and early postoperative values (paired t-test)

From: Acoustic rhinometry and video endoscopic scoring to evaluate postoperative outcomes in endonasal spreader graft surgery with septoplasty and turbinoplasty for nasal valve collapse

Variable Mean of difference 95 % CI Significance
INV collapse grading 0.857 0.542–1.172 <0.001
INV cross-sectional area (cm2) 0.095 0.001–0.189 0.047
NOSE 8.1 6.1–10.2 <0.001
SNOT-22 17.3 10.2–24.4 <0.001
  1. CI confidence interval, INV internal nasal valve, NOSE nasal obstruction symptom evaluation scale, SNOT sino-nasal outcome tool