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Table 1 Previous Case Reports of Head and Neck Cutaneous Ischemia Secondary to CAD

From: A case report of severe nasal ischemia from cold agglutinin disease and a novel treatment protocol including HBOT

Authors Involved Region(s) Treatment Regimen Outcome
Poldre and collagues (1985) [4] Nasal tip, toes, fingers Plasmapheresis, sulfinpyrazone, dipyridamole, prednisone Loss of 8 toes, no comment regarding outcome of nasal tip ischemia
Oh and colleagues (2009) [5] Cheek, thigh ASA (100 mg/day), supportive wound care Partial resolution, with some necrosis leading to permanent scarring
Jeskowiak & George (2013) [6] Ear Heparin, isoprost, plasmapheresis and surgical debridement Initial improvement, subsequently lost to follow up
Mishra & colleagues (2013) [7] Cheeks, nasal tip, ears, hands and buttocks Full text not available for this paper