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Table 2 Methods Used to diagnose Nasal Valve Collapse in a typical clinical encounter

From: Diagnosis and management of septal deviation and nasal valve collapse - a survey of Canadian otolaryngologists

n% Totaln% total
Visual Inspection8093.0%7890.7%
Cottle Maneuver4855.8%3338.4%
Modified Cottle Maneouvre3439.5%3136.0%
Failed Septoplasty3844.2%2023.3%
Trial of BreathRight22.3%00.0%
Fiber-optic Nasolaryngoscopy00.0%00.0%
Acoustic Rhinometry22.3%22.3%
  1. * responders to this question were allowed to chose all the physical examinations they used in a typical clincal encounter