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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of adjuvant radiotherapy in addition to surgery versus surgery alone at improving oncologic outcomes for early stage buccal carcinoma: a systematic review

PopulationAdult (> 18 years) patients with early stage (I, II) buccal carcinoma
InterventionCurative intent surgery
ComparatorSurgery + adjuvant radiation
OutcomeOverall survival; disease-specific survival; locoregional recurrence
Study DesignRandomized controlled trials; retrospective and prospective cohort studies
PopulationPediatric population; non-oral cavity cancer or oral cavity subsite other than buccal mucosa; advanced stage (III, IV) buccal mucosal cancer only
InterventionNon-curative intent surgery
ComparatorNo comparator
OutcomeNo oncologic outcomes
Study DesignCase series; case reports
OtherNon-English language