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Table 3 Contact tracing management in clinics and wards containing confirmed patients with COVID-19a

From: Pearls of experience for safe and efficient hospital practices in otorhinolaryngology—head and neck surgery in Hong Kong during the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

 Close ContactsOther Contacts
Healthcare workers (HCWs)HCW who has cared for the confirmed case without using appropriate PPE during the procedures 
In-patients in general wardsa1. In-patients who had face-to-face contact for > 15 min with the confirmed cases, regardless of surgical mask use
2. In-patients who had shared a cubicle with the confirmed case for > 2 h, regardless of surgical mask use
VisitorsVisitors who had stayed in the same cubicle without a surgical mask for > 15 minVisitors who had stayed in the same cubicle for < 15 min or had worn a surgical mask
QuarantineQuarantine for 14 days after the last exposureNot required
Medical surveillanceFollow-up medical surveillance for 14 days28 days after exposure to the confirmed case
  1. Surveillance wards/cubicles are excluded
  2. aReference: Hospital Authority Communication Kit – COVID-19