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Table 1 Demographic data, preoperative examination and intraoperative confirmation of internal orifice

From: Surgical treatment of fourth branchial apparatus anomalies: a case series study

Patient No. Age Gender Side Drainage and previous attempts of surgical excision IO at PFA on pre-operative fiberoptic laryngoscope Outflow of barium from PFA on pre-operative X-ray IO confirmation by Intra-operative direct laryngoscope
1 12 Male Left 4 times Yes Yes Yes
2 7 Female Right no Yes Yes Yes
3 23 Male Left 3 times No No Yes
4 37 Male Left 12 times Yes No Yes
5 26 Male Left 15 times No Yes Yes
6 6 Female Left twice No No No
7 29 Female Left 8 times Yes No Yes
8 6 Female Left no Yes Yes Yes
9 39 Female Left once Yes Yes Yes
10 19 Female Right 6 times Yes No Yes
  1. IO internal orifice, PFA pyriform fossa apex